Course Theme: Bowel Getting started with transanal irrigation

Taking you from the basics right through to understanding how the procedure works. The aim here is to help equip you with the knowledge required to support colleagues or patients with this therapy.

8 Assets

  1. The function of the bowel

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    In this article you will find a good start on your learning about the bowel with a summary of the function of the digestive system, the organs involved and its neurological control.

  2. Bowel Dysfunction - overview

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    Bowel dysfunction is a condition that can have many different causes. There could be a neurological disease in the spine/brain pathways which affects the bowel control, or an obstruction, and for some individuals there are no underlying medical reasons why the bowel does not function.

  3. Bowel assessment

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    In order to determine the correct treatment pathway, it is essential to undertake a detailed assessment. Components must include an assessment of the persons general health, previous abdominal and colorectal surgery, medications, plus functional ability to reach the toilet, cognition and awareness of bowel sensations, and current bowel management.

  4. What is TAI?

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    Transanal irrigation, shortened TAI, may also be called retrograde, rectal or anal irrigation, which all refers to a minimal invasive technique to empty the bowel.

  5. Patient selection for TAI

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    Careful patient selection, supervised training and follow up are considered as essential factors to achieve an optimal result and long-term adherence of TAI.

  6. Bowel management solutions with Navina Systems

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    There are different solutions for constipation, fecal incontinence and time-consuming bowel management depending on individual needs and severity of symptoms.

  7. Webinar: TAI with Navina

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    In this webinar, Bev Collins, Clinical nurse lead, Wellspect, will tell you the most important information you need to know about transanal irrigation (TAI), how to use Navina Systems and some tips and tricks to improve adherence.

  8. Demo of Navina systems

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    In the short demonstration videos, it appears how user friendly they are and how easy it is to assembly, and disassembly Navina Systems. With Navina Systems there is always a solution to fit the patient’s needs.