Navina Irrigation System

Navina Irrigation System is an innovative and effective bowel irrigation system that helps you take control and establish a bowel routine.

What is Navina Bowel Irrigation?

Bowel irrigation is a method to empty your bowel by introducing lukewarm water. Navina Irrigation System is the only product on the market providing both an electronic and a manual control unit.

Navina Irrigation System has high user satisfaction and is considered easy and effective to use. Navina Irrigation System consists of an electronic unit (Navina Smart) as well as a manual unit (Navina Classic). It also includes a tube set, water container and rectal catheters in two shapes and sizes. Whatever your preference, there is a solution for you.

Ask your Health Care professional to introduce you to the Navina Irrigation System, as it is only available on prescription.

Navina Smart

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Navina Smart has software-controlled pumps that inflate a balloon and instill water into the bowel. Pushing the buttons allows for total control over the procedure.

Navina Classic

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Navina Classic is the user-friendly choice if you prefer to control the procedure with a manual hand control unit.