Finding a Treatment - Managing Bowel Problems

Finding a Treatment for Your Bowel Problems

With the right treatment options, bowel problems can be managed. Whether you experience constipation, leakage, or a mixture of both, bowel management will allow you to live a life free from the worry of accidents or other complications.

The good news is there are lots of options for treating bowel dysfunction. These range from conservative methods, such as changes in diet or lifestyle, to surgical methods. The treatment option that is right for you depends not only on the symptoms you experience but also on your mobility, hand function, independence, lifestyle, and, of course, personal preferences.

These treatment types will often be displayed as a pyramid and your healthcare professional will likely begin at the base of the pyramid before working upwards until a solution works for you.


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Navina Irrigation System

Navina Irrigation System is used for effective high volume transanal irrigation (TAI) therapy. It is the only system on the market offering both manual and electronic control to effectively relieve bowel leakage or chronic constipation.

What is Bowel Irrigation or TAI?

Treatment with bowel irrigation, sometimes also called transanal irrigation (TAI), is an option when other treatments like medications, diet changes and fluids have not helped.

How to Stop Bowel Leakage

Anyone who has had to deal with bowel leakage knows that both the physical and psychological consequences tend to limit peoples' lives and prevent them from doing what they want. Fortunately, there is help available.