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  1. How your bladder is controlled (Videos)

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    These videos explore the fascinating connection between your brain and bladder. They explain how they work together to control urination, including how the bladder sends signals to the brain when it's full and how the brain coordinates bladder emptying.

  2. Starting intermittent catheterization - Women (Video)

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    This video provides an overview of intermittent catheterization (IC) for women, a method for managing bladder drainage. It explores the benefits of IC and highlights the importance of proper technique and equipment selection.

  3. How Brianna found independence after her spinal cord injury

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    In 2011, Brianna was in a car accident where she got a spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed from the waist down. She has been a wheelchair user since the accident, but it took 10 years before she was told how to perform intermittent catheterization in a practical and efficient way, not being confined to her bed and using LoFric Elle. Read her story in her own words.

  4. What is a urinary catheter? A guide for new catheter users

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    In this blog, we will cover what urinary catheters are, why you would need to use them, and how they work. We’ll also look at some of the specific considerations for using catheters for both men and women.

  5. Women and LUTS: Atonic Bladder

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    Urinary retention means that urine remains in the bladder even after you've been to the toilet. The reasons can vary, but one condition causing retention is Atonic Bladder. In this article, we take a look at the causes, effects, and solutions for this condition.

  6. Continence vs. Incontinence: What's the Difference?

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    The words "continence" and "incontinence" can sometimes cause confusion. Our article below aims to clear things up and shed some light on the differences between these two terms.

  7. How to Use Male Urinary Catheters: A Complete Guide

    Let's discuss the male urinary catheter, a common aid that many men use daily to empty their bladder. In this guide, we explain all the aspects related to intermittent catheterization for men and provide answers to your most common questions.

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