Intermittent catheterization and UTI prevention - ​techniques and factors of importance

In this informative short video (approx. 5 minutes), Susanne Vahr, a registered nurse and senior researcher with nearly 30 years of experience in urology, dives deep into the complexities of urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Susanne Vahr, who currently works at Herlev Hospital, Copenhagen University Hospitals, explains how various factors contribute to UTIs, including incomplete bladder emptying, bacterial presence, and individual risk factors.

She emphasizes the importance of proper bladder and bowel care, catheterization hygiene techniques, and maintaining a healthy urinary microbiome to prevent UTIs.

The video also explores the crucial role of preventing antibiotic resistance through proper diagnosis and treatment of symptomatic UTIs.

Finally, Susanne Vahr discusses the link between UTIs and bladder stones in patients with catheters, highlighting the importance of good catheterization techniques and fluid intake for maintaining overall urinary health.