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  1. Navina Smart Data

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    Navina™ Smart Data - for Healthcare Professionals is a unique source of information providing knowledge in the field of transanal irrigation.

  2. Navina Smart App manual

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    Navina Smart app is an irrigation diary and a useful tool for tailoring treatment. During initiation and at follow-up an irrigation diary can be helpful to adjust settings.

  3. Dilatation and stricture treatment

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    A urethral stricture is an abnormal narrowing of the urethra and is often caused by trauma or inflammation. As catheterization is one cause of strictures, non-traumatic catheterization technique and catheter material are essential parts in preventing the occurrence of these complications.

  4. First study on Navina Smart

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    Study results show that Navina Smart is a safe & novel transanal irrigation system. It was well tolerated and satisfactory in patients who were unsatisfied with their existing irrigation system. The use of the electronic unit of Navina Smart was perceived as easy.

  5. Bowel management solutions with Navina Systems

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    There are different solutions for constipation, fecal incontinence and time-consuming bowel management depending on individual needs and severity of symptoms.

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