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  1. Navina Smart Data

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    Navina™ Smart Data - for Healthcare Professionals is a unique source of information providing knowledge in the field of transanal irrigation.

  2. Long-term use of TAI in MS

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    This is a summary of the published article Long-term efficacy and safety of transanal irrigation in multiple sclerosis by Passananti et al. 2016

  3. Scientific review of fecal incontinence

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    Fecal incontinence (FI) means involuntary loss of rectal content such as solid and liquid stool, mucus or flatus. FI is not a diagnosis but a symptom. It is considered a stigmatizing condition, and fear of having an accident in public restricts the social and working life for those who experience it. Although there are many treatment options, their long-term efficacy is poorly investigated.

  4. Scientific review of neurogenic bowel dysfunction (NBD)

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    Neurogenic Bowel Dysfunction (NBD) is the term used to describe dysfunction of the colon due to disrupted peristalsis, precipitating rectal distension, or colonic slowing.

  5. Scientific review of transanal irrigation (TAI)

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    Transanal irrigation (TAI) is a well-documented and safe bowel management therapy. Today, compliance is the major issue with TAI therapy, and may be improved through greater knowledge of which patient is best suited for TAI. Patient training and close follow up with digital support during start up may also increase compliance.

  6. Evaluating bowel dysfunction

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    Bowel dysfunction is surrounded by misconceptions and taboos that may interfere with treatment and result in self-medication that could be harmful to patient care.

  7. Goal attainment scaling in neurogenic bladder and bowel dysfunction

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    A patient-centric tool to facilitate goal attainment scaling in neurogenic bladder and bowel dysfunction: path to individualization People with nervous system disorders often experience neurogenic bladder and/or bowel dysfunction. The associated symptoms can be physically, socially, and psychologically challenging in ways that are highly individualized. This heterogeneity makes it difficult to quantify change in an individual’s symptoms using standardized outcome measures. Personalized assessment tools are designed to capture the heterogeneity of an individual’s experience with various treatments and devices in different disease states.

  8. Pediatric study with Navina Irrigation System

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    In this science article a combined retrospective and cross-sectional survey study investigates chronic idiopathic constipation in children and bowel regimen with bowel irrigation, also called transanal irrigation (TAI).

  9. First study on Navina Smart

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    Study results show that Navina Smart is a safe & novel transanal irrigation system. It was well tolerated and satisfactory in patients who were unsatisfied with their existing irrigation system. The use of the electronic unit of Navina Smart was perceived as easy.

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