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Bladder problems, regardless of their severity, can make it hard to go about your normal day-to-day life with confidence. It can strain a relationship, but a difficult situation can also strengthen it. Try to treat individual stress or sadness as a couple’s challenge. The team approach will cement your connection and strengthen your relationship. 

This section will cover sexuality and family life.

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People with bladder problems often also experience a corresponding impact on their sex life. It’s not easy to be in the mood if you’re not feeling confident, are worried about leakage or being embarrassed. It may be a challenge physically as well.

The good news is that intermittent catheterization can be a very simple and effective way to get your sex life back on track. Catheterization will help prevent leaks and discomfort, which can help you feel more confident. For people who use an indwelling catheter, the switch to intermittent catheterization will make a big difference. 

In short, whatever the urinary problem, intermittent catheters free you from some of the barriers to a healthy sex life. You’ll be able to be more spontaneous, your overall physical health will help you feel better about sex, and you’ll not have to worry about embarrassment.

Family life

When you find out that you suffer from an incurable illness or get a severe injury, your first questions probably include if it’s possible to have sex again. But some questions might be of a more philosophic nature. Will I find someone to spend my life with? Will my husband or wife leave me now? Will I be able to start a family? 

Click the button to meet Mikael and Sarah who started a family against all odds. One thing’s for sure – there’s another level of challenges with small kids, when dad is in a wheelchair. But there are innovative solutions for most of them! 

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