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Suddenly finding yourself with the need to self-catheterize? It’s easy to understand that it all feels a bit life changing. Nothing feels like it did before. But life keeps on, a bit different, but it keeps on. Emptying the bladder is just something everyone has to do, in one way or another. Disposable catheters are not a permanent device to be embarrassed about or that gets in the way. Look at the catheter as an aid to simplify your toilet routine. Try not to let it limit your life. Look at the possibilities and not the obstacles.

Listen to some fantastic people telling their own stories about their lives. They’re an inspiration to all of us.

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Traveling most often involves discovering exciting new things – about yourself and the world around you. And not least, returning home, invigorated and stimulated. Travelers around the world will ask themselves the same questions: Will I be there in time? Where is the passport? Did I unplug the iron?

Some of the travelers will also ask themselves: Will I be able to find a disabled toilet? Did I pack enough catheters? How will I get past customs with my catheters and medicine?

Especially for you, we have put together some information about traveling with catheters [promo?]and other special needs. You can also get inspired by our travelling guest bloggers who share their best tips and tricks.