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It could be said in one sentence: The most important for your health and well-being (within your own control) is regular exercise, good sleep, varied food, daily routines, pauses for rest and relaxation, socializing with people you like and moderate alcohol intake. And still it can be so hard to live by… 

This advice goes for everyone, regardless if you have a disability or not. But with a physical disability or an illness that affects your mobility, your lifestyle is even more important. 

We asked the Spinalis foundation’s health coach for some tips and advice on good habits for a life with more energy and quality.

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Long term urinary health

To think long-term is important. Dry catheters cause pain when they are removed and can damage the urethra. Over time small trauma adds up and can become real complications, like urinary tract infection and strictures. 

Complications like urethral trauma, strictures and urinary tract infections (UTIs) might not be noticeable from the very beginning. For long-term urethral health, make sure to choose the right catheter – right from the start.