Know Your Normal: Download a Free Bowel Diary

with Stool chart

Our bodies are unique, and that includes our bowel habits! What's "normal" for one person might not be for another. Frequency can range from three times a day to three times a week, as long as the stool is soft and formed.

The key is regularity.

To help you track your bowel movements and identify what's normal for you, we've created a free downloadable bowel diary. This handy tool lets you record your frequency, stool consistency, and any other relevant details.

Looking for ways to improve your regularity? We've got you covered! The diary also includes tips like:

  • Dietary advice: Fiber, fluids, and possibly oral laxatives can all help avoid constipation and incontinence.
  • Physical activity: Getting moving can also keep your bowels moving!
  • Explore other solutions: Transanal irrigation might be a good option for some.

Let's take control of your bowel health together. Download your free diary today!

Download Daily Bowel Diary