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Applying for Wellspect HealthCare supported research

Are you full of ideas and have a clinical research proposal you want to investigate together with Wellspect HealthCare, the company with many years of experience within clinical trials? Superb!

How do I apply for Wellspect HealthCare supported research (Investigator Initiated Studies - IIS)?

1. Download and fill in the IIS Protocol Synopsis form. Write down your clinical research proposal, how you think it should be performed and also what support you will need to conduct the study.

2. Upload your application below to Medical Affairs at Wellspect HealthCare.

Wellspect Supported Research Invistigator Initiated Studies, IIS
Wellspect HealthCare Research Fully Sponsored Studies

The IIS process

See schematic picture for Wellspect HealthCare Supported Research from Hypothesis (Idea) to Implementation.

A reply will be sent to you within eight weeks. A letter of agreement will be established if your application is approved. 

We make sure to always treat an idea with respect and integrity. Your clinical research proposal is in good hands.

Main purpose

To realize investigation of products, therapies and clinical management.


To increase and stimulate research.


Coordinated and conducted by the HCP, with support from Wellspect HealthCare where HCP holds all responsibility.