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Living with bowel problems can be difficult.Not only does this affect the child, but this impacts the routines and life of the whole family. As a parent, helping a suffering child may be challenging. Many parents of children with bowel dysfunction struggle far too long with dietary and stool changing medication, such as laxatives or stool thickeners, without satisfactory results. 

There is a workable solution for your child. Transanal Irrigation is a successful therapy for many children living with bowel dysfunction.

TAI restores a bowel routine, and helps your child to regain control of the time and place for going to the toilet. TAI for children is a safe technique for effectively emptying the bowel, which promotes the evacuation of stool by passing lukewarm water into the bowel.

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Allowing your child to be spontaneous

As a parent, you are central to your child’s success with TAI. The therapy may feel strange or intimidating in the beginning and it may take some time to get it right. As the digestive system is complex, there must be time to adapt to new routines. But it will be worth it in the long run. The goal is to make it possible for the entire family to live a life without constantly thinking about the toilet, but more importantly, to allow a child to enjoy their independence.