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How to choose the right catheter

When you're new to catheterization, it makes sense to know what makes one catheter more right for you than another. Starting with clean intermittent self-catheterization (CIC) involves for most people an initial adjustment of the daily routines to the new treatment. CIC becomes a part of your everyday life and the catheter you use has to fit in and make it as easy and comfortable as possible for you to go about it. The catheter should be fitted to your needs, and not the other way around! This will make the process of integrating CIC into your life much easier.

When you’re about to choose your catheter for self-catheterization you may want to prepare yourself with a couple of questions that you can ask the urology nurse, before you step into the urology clinic.

Take a couple of minutes and watch our videos below to learn the ins and outs of choosing a catheter that is safe, comfortable, and suits your lifestyle. 

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