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Ask a Wellspect employee – what is it that unites us? The answer would be: passion.
The passion for making life better for people with bladder and bowel dysfunction. And that’s why we decided to make a statement – a passion statement:

“We passionately strive to make a real difference every day to everyone who needs our products and services.”


Our Culture

There is a special spirit among Wellspect employees, noticed by everyone who works with us. We have created a culture of team spirit, where sharing knowledge and finding new ways to tackle challenges together is key.

  • We commit ourselves and care about the impact of our efforts.
  • We have the courage to challenge ourselves and our colleagues and we explore new ways of thinking to find innovative solutions.
  • We believe in the power of collective effort and endeavor to collaborate across disciplines and geography – teamwork is our way.
  • We care about each other and meet our challenges with a joyful spirit and mutual respect.

iLean and Feedback

Wellspect is currently undergoing a transformation towards Lean Product Development (LPD). LPD involves the whole of Wellspect since a Lean organization understands customer value and focuses on its key processes to continuously improve them. iLean is a philosophy, completely in line with our Culture Vision.

Most of us are familiar with feedback as a tool. Within the iLean program, developing a strengthened feedback culture defines a common feedback language. We believe everyone will become more confident in continuously giving, receiving and asking for feedback, extending beyond our colleagues to project teams and company–wide relationships – committing, challenging and exploring new opportunities for ourselves, our teams and our company. Most importantly, delivering the benefit to our users.



Our Values

Wellspect is a business with a heart. We listen carefully to our network of users, healthcare professionals and scientists to find ways to improve continence care. That’s why ‘Advancing together’ has become a common value, which we apply both internally and externally.

We also do this in a genuine and compassionate way, demonstrating a genuine curiosity and concern for our users’ needs. This deep understanding is strengthened by our vast knowledge and experience within the field, ensuring that together, we find the most relevant solutions.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

To strengthen our global business environment, we need the diversity of personal backgrounds, skills and experience to support our success and engagement, which enriches daily working life at Wellspect. It inspires innovation as your strengths become our strengths, and helps us deliver a high level of competence.

Diversity and inclusion are important objectives of our company and are fundamental to our culture and core values. It is crucial to meet the challenges of an ever–changing global environment.

We work systematically with diversity and inclusion in our professional processes to enhance everyone’s ability to flourish no matter gender, race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, disability and/or protected classifications, sexual orientation, age or other parameters to include diverse experiences, family configurations and backgrounds.

To increase knowledge and awareness for everyone's unique personality we arrange different activities that embrace diversity and inclusion.

Company info

Wellspect is a part of Dentsply Sirona, the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental solutions.

One might wonder what continence products have to do with teeth, and the simple answer is heritage. Astra Tech had a dental business and a healthcare business. When Astra Tech was acquired by DENTSPLY International (today Dentsply Sirona) both the dental and the healthcare businesses were kept within the group, and the healthcare business became Wellspect. 

Our history and headquarters are based in Mölndal, Sweden, but we are a global business with over 1000 employees, operations in 18 countries, and distributors around the world.


Company World Map

Wellspect HealthCare Austria

Wellspect HealthCare GmbH
Wienerbergstraße 11 Turm A/21
1100 Wien

Tel: +43 1 214 61 50-0
Fax: +43 1 214 61 67


Wellspect HealthCare Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg

Wellspect HealthCare
Signaalrood 55
NL-2718 SG Zoetermeer
The Netherlands

Tel NL: +31 79 360 19 50
Fax NL: +31 79 362 37 48

Tel BE: +32 3 232 81 50
Fax BE: +32 3 213 30 66

Dutch web:

Wellspect HealthCare Denmark

Wellspect HealthCare

P.O. Box 14
SE-431 21 Mölndal

Tel: +45 4362 4332
Fax: +45 4371 7865


Wellspect HealthCare Finland

Wellspect HealthCare
Postal address:
PL 96
Piispansilta 9
FI-02230 Espoo

Street address:
Box 96
Biskopsbron 9
FI-02230 Esbo

Tel: +358 9 867 6160
Fax: +358 9 804 4128


Wellspect HealthCare France

Office address - Siège social
7, Ter rue de la Porte de Buc
78008 Versailles Cedex

Tel: +33 (0) 1 30 97 66 33
Fax: +33 (0) 1 30 97 65 80


Wellspect HealthCare Germany

Wellspect HealthCare (DENTSPLY IH GmbH)
An der kleinen Seite 8
DE-65604 Elz

Tel: +49 6431 9869 0
Fax: +49 6431 9869 500

Tel: +49 6431 9869 88



Wellspect HealthCare Italy

Wellspect HealthCare
Via Isonzo, 65

Tel: +39 800 010601
Fax: +39 051 2987586


Wellspect HealthCare Norway

Wellspect HealthCare

Postal address:
Karihaugveien 89
NO-1086 Oslo

Street address:
Karihaugveien 89
NO-1086 Oslo

Tel. customer service Wellspect HealthCare: +47 81 55 91 18

Tel: +47 67 92 05 50
Fax: +47 67 92 05 60


Wellspect HealthCare Spain

Wellspect HealthCare
Paseo de la Zona Franca nº 111, planta 5
Edificio Auditori - Porta Firal
08038 Barcelona

Tel: +34 932 643 566
Fax: +34 933 363 231


Wellspect HealthCare Sweden

Wellspect HealthCare

Postal address:
Box 14
SE-431 21 Mölndal

Street adress:
Aminogatan 1
SE-431 53 Mölndal

Tel: +46 (0)31 376 40 00
Fax: +46 (0)31 376 30 10 


Customer service, Sweden:
Tel: +46 (0)31-376 40 20
Fax: +46 (0)31-376 30 17 

Registered Office: Mölndal
Reg.No 556051-8812

Wellspect HealthCare Switzerland

Dentsply Sirona Showroom Switzerland
Täfernweg 1
CH-5404 Baden-Dättwil

TELEFON +41 (0) 800 620 240
TELEFAX +41 (0) 800 620 241

Wellspect HealthCare United Kingdom

Wellspect HealthCare
Stroudwater Business Park
Brunel Way
GL10 3GB

Tel: +44 (0)1453 793228


Wellspect Limited is registered in England at the above address.
Registered number: 12290212.
VAT No: GB 340 3779 05.

Wellspect HealthCare United States

Wellspect HealthCare - Urology Division
1235 Friendship Rd
Suite 205
Braselton, GA 30517

Toll-free: +1 - 877-4-LOFRIC (456-3742)
Fax: +1-866-666-6250



We support people suffering from urinary retention or chronic constipation by providing systems for bladder and bowel management.

Some users are paralyzed due to a spinal cord injury or spina bifida, and some have illnesses affecting the bladder, bowel or both. Some may also need our products due to more mechanical issues, such as enlarged prostate, weakened pelvic floor or other conditions.

High competency, relevant solutions

It’s easy for anyone to get overwhelmed by the daily stream of information, flooding in through an everincreasing amount of channels. The sheer volume seems to expand while we have less and less time for researching our options. All you want is a solution. A solution that fits you.

That’s why we work to understand what is relevant to you – to map out your needs so we can  meet them. We collaborate with users, healthcare professionals and experts in technology, to understand exactly how our products are used and how they can be improved.

We started this journey by inventing the hydrophilic catheter. We set the standard for quality and reliability, and we continue to raise these standards.

Scientific approach

All our products are submitted to a rigorous evaluation process, including clinical trials, to ensure they are safe, effective and accessible in the hands of users.

Our investigations don’t end there – we conduct both our own scientific research and provide unrestricted funding support for Investigator Initiated Studies for researchers with great ideas from all over the world.

Our studies have yielded ground-breaking inventions including the hydrophilic coating that ensures smooth catheterization, both on insertion and withdrawal, for our LoFric users. Another of our products – Navina – pioneers equally important innovation as the first intelligent system for bowel management.

Wellspect is committed to delivering 100% safe, efficient and clinically supported products.