LoFric's superior surface minimizes the risk of UTIs

LoFric’s outstandingly smooth catheter surface stays smooth also at withdrawal, saving people from pain and lowering the risk of urinary tract infections.

40 years of innovation and strong medical evidence

With the perfect surface in place from the start, Wellspect has focused on improvement in other important areas. The patented Urotonic™ Surface Technology has also been tested and documented since the beginning, providing long-term data and strong medical evidence.

**POBE, a Polyolefin-based Elastomer that consist of only carbon and hydrogen.

***Compared to using a catheter made of PVC or polyurethane.

Strong Medical Evidence

LoFric catheters are proven in multiple studies to reduce the risk of complications and are also proven safe for long-term use.

*Compared to non-hydrophilic catheters.

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