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How urethral strictures may affect your bladder

Urethral stricture means a constriction (narrowing) of the urethra. This is a problem that was first described thousands of years ago. No matter the reason, it often implies difficulties emptying the bladder. This problem mostly affects men.
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Handling the effects successfully with Clean Intermittent Dilatation (CID)

If you have enough motor control to handle a catheter, clean intermittent dilatation (CID) is a safe and convenient way to treat your urethral strictures, regardless of your condition. The goal with CID is to improve your quality of life by giving you better control of the condition of your urinary tract and, thus, the emptying function of the bladder. While at the same time preventing kidney damage and complications such as residual urine and urinary tract infections (UTI’s).

Many people perform CID, sometimes even daily. As they will tell you, CID offers many advantages:

  • It’s easy and safe, and while it may feel a little weird at first, it does not hurt 
  • It improves the health of your urinary tract system 
  • You control when and how to perform the treatment, in your own home 
  • You get used to it quite easily so it becomes natural in no time 
  • Improved quality of life! It will keep you from developing new strictures and away from the operating room where strictures are surgically treated.

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The Cochrane Collaboration gathers and summarizes the best evidence from research to help patients make informed choices about treatment.