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Quality of life

LUTS has a strong impact on well-being and health-related quality of life. LUTS increase the risk for depression and even suicidal thoughts and the more severe the symptom the higher the risk1. Actually, studies show that the impact on quality of life can be as great as for a person with spinal cord injury2,3.

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Voiding at night is the single most common symptom of LUTS1,4,5. More than 40% of men older than 70 years are affected. But the symptoms may start as early as in the 40’s. It’s often associated with sleep loss, daytime fatigue – and probably as a consequence – increased risk for falls and fractures5-7.

LUTS and sex life 

There is a connection between LUTS and sexual problems. Hormone factors seem to affect the possibility of erection, and psychological factors such as stress and anxiety caused by severe urinary symptoms can also affect the sexuality.

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