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Wellspect uses electrical power for running internal processes and equipment, and uses district heating for heating its facilities. Energy production is most often associated with various types of negative environmental impact. Energy is also a finite resource, and fossil fuels are not a long–term solution for future needs. To meet our responsibility, we get our energy from suppliers who use sustainable energy based on renewable resources such as water, wind, the sun and biofuel.

In order to contribute to the sustainable development of society in the long–term, we seek to economize on energy use as much as possible. We believe one of our primary responsibilities is to improve our energy efficiency and pursue lower-carbon alternatives to fossil fuels. We do not regard carbon offset or other third party reduction credits to address residual emissions as an alternative to conducting our own emission reduction efforts. An energy audit was conducted during 2014 at the Wellspect production facility in Mölndal. This energy audit will result in an energy savings program to minimize the usage of energy.