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The recruiting process

The recruiting manager evaluates applications and selects candidates for interview. The number of interviews varies according to the type of job and the number of applicants. Typically, a candidate will attend two or three interviews before signing a contract. For some jobs, the second interview involves an assessment tool in the form of an ability test and/or a personality questionnaire. For manager positions, a day at an Assessment Center is involved. When the interviews are completed, candidates are evaluated and the best-qualified candidate receives a job offer.

Your application

Your application should include a personal letter and a CV/résumé. The personal letter offers you an opportunity to describe why you are right for the job. We advise you to make your personal letter job specific. We also ask for a CV/résumé to get a more detailed overview of your career and qualifications. We appreciate CVs/résumés that give a brief and accurate account of your professional career. The CV/résumé should include your personal data (name, address, email and telephone number) as well as your educational background and experiences from previous jobs.

The interview process

We see the interview process as an opportunity for you to learn about us, as much as it is for us to learn more about you. Ultimately, we want to find out if we can build a strong and successful working relationship together. In general, you will have two or three job interviews before possibly being offered a position.

Interview preparation

Prepare for the interview by reminding yourself of the things you have done that can help you demonstrate the skills and qualities we are looking for. We advise you to think of specific examples. Also think about questions you may want to ask us at the interview.

The interview

The purpose of the interview is to see how you would fit into our culture and organization. We are also interested in what you could bring with you to the job and our company. We want to know why you want to join Wellspect HealthCare and why you think you would be successful in this position. For some positions, we combine interviews with assessment tools like ability tests and personality questionnaires.