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Learning and development

The employees are the foundation for our success where their curiosity, dedication and team-spirit gives Wellspect HealthCare the opportunity to keep developing and creating new innovative ideas. To maintain this Wellspect HealthCare gives their employees the opportunity to have continuous development.

Introduction program 

Everyone who is employed at Wellspect HealthCare will join our introduction program. This program aims to help you engage and integrate into our business, our processes and your new role quickly and effectively. The program starts at the very moment you receive your contract. It covers a variety of topics such as company history, vision, core values, policies, organization and global wellness program, to help you get a flying start at Wellspect HealthCare.

Leadership introduction program

The purpose of the leadership program is to provide a platform for managers and leaders, where the content of the program is developed based on business requirements and expectations of the roles of manager and leader. The various components of the program will provide support and provide the manager and leader with the skills and tools to manage their important responsibilities as a manager and leader. 

Performance Management

In Wellspect HealthCares Performance Management Process the employee and manager discuss performance, results, strengths, individual goals and development plan. Your development plan contain different activities depending on your goals, needs and learning-style. Your individual goals and development plan will continuously be followed-up together with your manager.

Building Sales Excellence

To build sales excellence and professional selling skills, we offer our sales associates continuous development starting from the point of hire. By identifying systemic as well as individual development needs, the activities includes extensive product and therapy training, professional and consultative sales techniques and sales management.

Talent Management

In order for Wellspect HealthCare to create an organization that attracts, retains and develop employees to meet the future business, we work with Talent Management. It is important for us to make the most of all the employees' skills and to develop talent and expertise that exist within our organisation. Wellspect HealthCares future depends on it.