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CIC Guidelines for Healthcare Professionals

This booklet is focused on teaching single-use Clean Intermittent Catheterization (CIC). In order for your patient to be successful and compliant with a new CIC program, they need to be ready, willing and able, or have a caregiver available. The Clinical Advisory Board for Intermittent Catheterization (CABIC)'s reference guide for professional educators teaching CIC is a great resource for assessing patient readiness for CIC and educating them on proper technique. 


The Clinical Advisory Board for Intermittent Catheterization (CABIC) was established to bring clinicians, educators and experts in the urologic field together from multidisciplinary programs across the United States.

Their Mission is to develop a set of national guidelines to assist healthcare professionals in the proper methods or skills attainment for the process of teaching clean intermittent catheterization (CIC) procedures.

Their Hope is that these guidelines will be used for the basis of current and consistent practice for all healthcare professionals. 

Evidence based practice drives our commitment to provide current, consistent and safe care to our clients.